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November 3, 2007

Getting to class: is there one fastest way?

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Paths, walkways, bridges, courtyards, circles, streets, construction detours, diagonals, bike lanes… ..which combination is the most direct route?!

Once on campus, I’m constantly calculating and recalculating what would be the fastest, most efficient way of getting from point A, my entry point, to point B, my destination point.

I enter somewhere along the south side of campus. Nearly all my classes are on the northeast side of campus. Usually I walk at a diagonal vaguely in the direction of my destination.

Sometimes I’ll alter my usual route by taking a slight right instead of the straight path, or cutting through a field instead of walking around, or going directly up a hill and along the top instead of entering a building and taking the stairs.

All these minor changes mean nothing without constant time-checks. I’m noting as the minutes tick away, calculating how far I have yet to walk, how long it should reasonably take to get to class, and how much time I have until I’m officially late.

It sums up neatly like this:

cT= Current Time ToL= Time until I’m officially late Tst= How long it should take to get to class

ToL-cT/Tst = How fast I need to walk

The rate at which I walk is directly effected by cT, ToL and Tst

So, sometimes I get to poke around at a stroll, stopping, pausing, getting things in and out of my bag and listening to calming music that I sometimes sing along with under my breath. Other times I simply must book it – resisting answering my ringing phone ’cause it’ll only slow me down, and selecting super-fast working out music on my iPod.

There is a certain synchronicity with my walking speed, the music on my iPod, and my ToL-cT/Tst ratio.

UC Berkeley paths, walkways and routes


September 14, 2007

Slow Walkers: Get out th’ way!

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   Hurry up, jerk! 


You know when you’re rushing to class along a main pedestrian thoroughfare at school, you speed up your step once you realize you are running late, only to nearly bump into a person walking hella slow in front of you?!   Slow person usually has their head slightly down, either listening to their effin’ ipods or on the phone, or both, completely oblivious to the fact that they are causing a bottleneck in the flow of the main thoroughfare. They don’t even realize that their hella slow walking caused you to slow down, which slowed down the person behind you, and so on. It is truly the hella slow walkers that cause major pedestrian congestion, which is the cause of everyone else being late.


I can’t help but wonder how these people get to class on time, EVER..

Then again,  I can’t help but wonder why I haven’t booted any slow walker yet… or led a herd of them off to a holding pen.




It goes like this:

  1. Note how much time until you are officially “late” for your next class
  2. Start walking towards class location
  3. Step up the pace, again, noting the time
  4. Come up behind a hella-slow-walker
  5. Swerve slightly to the left, trying to go around hella-slow-walker
  6. Swerve slightly to the right, trying to get around again
  7. Say “ugh!” slightly under your breath
  8. Swerve back to the left, nearly running into oncoming pedestrian traffic
  9. Twist body at weird angle to avoid walking face-first into oncoming pedestrian traffic
  10. Swerve back in front of hella-slow-walker
  11. Note how much time until you are officially “late” for your next class

Repeat. …and REPEAT.. and REPEATagain, and again…


It’s a wonder I get anywhere on time..

[maybe I should just start going around school with a flame thrower to clear my path]



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