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September 10, 2007

You Can’t Text Message [during] Classtime!

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Text McTextington

Class starts. Students across the room shuffle papers, accumulate pens, click open laptops, silence cell phones and begin their finger exercises for another hour-and-a-half stretch of work.

Oh, did I say work? I meant text messaging.

That’s right, text messaging.

There are plenty of inevitable events during each lecture or section: a student asks a question directly covered in the reading, another student (always in the middle seat of a middle row) decides to shuffle out for a bathroom break soon after the entire row gets settled, someone will startle their neighbors by forgetting to turn the volume down on their phone or computer, but more so, there are inevitably students who focus all their attention to text messaging.

…Inevitably: tap, tap, tap, tap

…Inevitably: beep, beep, beep, beep

…Inevitably: click, click, click, click

…Inevitably: flip open, flip closed, flip open, flip closed

It really amazes me that so many students send texts so absolutely consistently during class. Some of my peers actually just leave their phones open on their desks, staring down at the text message menu, desperately awaiting a response from their equally distracted friends.

Worse so, it is frightfully obvious what the students are doing. Some attempt to remedy this by holding the phones in their laps, but that just creates the illusion from the Professor’s perspective that a student is having an interaction with his crotch area and needs both hands to contain the situation.

To keep myself mildly entertained (..and yes, more than mildly distracted), I keep tally marks in my notebooks. One of my favorite tallies to keep is a “text message distraction” list that gets a tick every time a student who was actually taking notes and gets distracted by a text message. I only give a tick when students neglect class and focus their attention on the texting emergency.

This is how it goes:

  1. Student writes notes as Professor reviews concepts from last night’s readings
  2. Student hears buzz of cell phone indicating incoming text message
  3. Student drops pen, flusters those around her to shuffle bag and desk, gaining access to phone
  4. Student flips open cell phone, smirks, then looks around suspiciously
  5. Student begins madly responding to text via thumbs
  6. Student flips closed cell phone, drops it into bag
  7. Student looks around briefly, as if just noting that she is in class
  8. Student writes notes as Professor reviews concepts from last night’s readings

    ..and then? REPEAT… and then? REPEAT …and then?? REPEAT!

R U sick of click-click-click, 2?

Wut R U Doin?


Save your thumbs and just don’t come to class, okay?



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    Comment by Stasigragovee — September 29, 2007 @ 10:58 am

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